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This contest is being held by bombai-beast.

If you are interested, more details are here:…
Merry Christmas to all!
Hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable day!

Most of you would find out that there's a new founder for this group.

I might as well let you guys know that I'm the same person. (lol it sounds funny)
I'm just moving accounts.

It's great to see the group growing bigger and bigger. We've reached over 300 members now!
I've created folders for the group's gallery to make it easier for people to browse through it.
There isn't much folders but it's nessessary to inform members about them.

Featured- This is left for Non-existant creatures in general. Dragons, gryphons and other fantasy creatures go in it. OC or self-made creatures also go in this folder.

Fanarts- All Pokemon, Digimon and other fanarts go into this folder.

Crossovers- If your pic contains OC creatures and non-OC creatures it goes in here. Fakemon also go into this folder.

For now, any other new folder will be for future contests. Make sure you submit your pic into the right folder! If too many go into the wrong folder I might need to approve deviations (Not automaticly accepted) and I don't want to go that far.
These rules are easy to follow. Please keep them in mind. It makes it easier for everyone.
I've been thinking about creating folders for this group. Do you think it's nesessary to make some?
I haven't been doing this because many works can fall into more that one catagory. Even if it's a fanart. Where would, say, a fakemon go into? Fanarts or OC creatures?
If there's anyone who has an idea on how I can organize some folders please tell me. I'll appreciate it.

Thank you.

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